Interviewing 101

Things asked of me at a job interview that I found frustrating:

Q: What makes a rocket go high?
A: A lot of variables, but I would say the thrust and mass of the rocket are most important.

Q: What can make a rocket go higher?
A: Well, you could make an engine with more thrust, or use lighter weight materials.

Q: So what is it that makes it go high?
A: ...the fuel is also important. Different fuels give you different thrust ratios.

Q: What limited the altitude of the rocket?
A: ...the thrust and weight. We used a stainless steel rocket and an aluminum body.

Q: Is steel heavier than aluminum?
A: ...yes.

Q: Why didn't you use steel everything?

A: Because steel is heavier than aluminum. It would add unnecessary weight.

Q: So is aluminum lighter than steel?

A: ...yes. Aluminum is lighter than steel...

Q: What makes a rocket go high?
A: >:-/

The follow-up to those questions was, "This had nothing to do with the interview. I was just curious."

The job had nothing to do with rockets either.

facepalm: the only logical answer to a stupid question or statement.


Kristin said...

but really, how high CAN a rocket go?


Aimee said...

Seriously? Anyone who took a junior high level Science course should know that the density of steel is greater than the density of aluminum.

Autumn Del Rio said...

Sounds like a productive interview to me ;)