Earlier today I tried watching my first game of rugby. I'm not too familiar with the rules, but here is what I learned:
  1. Run around with the ball until you run into someone.
  2. When forward momentum ceases, throw or kick the ball in some random direction.
  3. Every once in a while they stop the game and everyone surrounds the ball, like a hockey penalty.
  4. Sometimes a team will line up nuts to butt and try to force the opposing player backwards. Kind of a reverse tug-of-war.
  5. I'm too old to follow new sports. I like watching football (college and pro) and sometimes basketball, but rarely. That's it. And I still don't fully understand those rules. Whenever I try to follow something new like tennis or rugby I get really bored. I would follow baseball, but nine innings are usually a test of patience and there are like 125 games per season per team, and who really cares. And soccer is for people who can't throw or catch.


Lisa said...

What I gather from rugby is that it's similar to football, with homosexual undertones.

And the baseball season has 162 games. It literally takes up half of the year, not including spring training or playoffs.

Dericho said...

162?!? Dang, I thought 125 games was a conservative guess. Now I really don't care.