It seems that everyone I know, which is a very small number, was having some kind of Easter dinner today. I decided to make my own Easter dinner: French Fries.

   As you can see, this is very boring meal, fit for my personality. I thought that since it was a holiday, I would add a little something. I added a can of chili.


   If I'm going to make chili fries, I figured I should just go ahead and make them chili cheese fries.

May as well add some sour cream to it too.

  It needed some color so I chopped up some green onions and sprinkled them on top.

  I noticed something was missing...it was bacon.

It was a delicious.


Lisa said...

That looks so yummy! Should have done that instead of stupid ham. Everyone know the best thing to come from a pig is bacon.

Lisa said...


Aimee said...

Derek, you inspire me.