In keeping with my theme to blog about things I eat, I present to you some tater tots I cooked the other night. Tater tots by themselves are somewhat boring, which is why I cooked them in a spiral. You might be thinking that I arranged them in the shape of an Ulam Spiral or a Fibonacci Spiral. If so, you are wrong. It's just a spiral of tater tots to make my otherwise boring existence that much nerdier.

  Next are a couple of microwaveable beef and bean burritos.

  If you are waiting for some interesting commentary about microwavable burritos, there is none. I was just sitting downstairs and wondering, "What is the most boring and lazy food I can prepare for myself?" Burritos.

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Autumn Del Rio said...

Uh... Just bean and beef burritos are boring. I have breakfast burritos all the time that knock my socks off.