I think I am going to just start blogging about food I eat.

  This first entry is a fine cuisine of fried cheese, also known as cheese sticks. It was consumed at the Roadhouse Grill in Ellensburg, WA. The cheese sticks were delicious, as is all fried cheese, but the presentation was amazing. What is that, a sushi plate? Very awesome.
  The next delicious item I would like to share with you is a double layer chocolate cake I made. If I was smart, which I am not, I would have documented the process. I started with a firm foundation brownies. In the middle is a layer of caramel. The top layer is just regular, boring, chocolate cake. I somehow wound up with two different types of chocolate frosting, so one is on the top and the other on the sides. I topped it off by shredding a Hershy's chocolate bar on top. I'm actually surprised that I, and all those who partook of this indulgence, are still alive. I'm sure it took a few years off of our lives, but it was oh so tasty. (Note: if you ever dare to dump a jar of caramel in your cake, be sure to concave the top of the bottom layer inward. Otherwise the caramel just leaks out and makes a gooey dipping sauce.)
  My amazing friend introduced me to a tasty snack of vanilla wafers and frosting. Weeks later I was at work and was really hungry. Like much of fat America, I work at a computer and did not really have the time to frost little vanilla wafers so I bought a box of strawberry pop-tarts and vanilla frosting. I then made a frosting sandwich using the pop tarts as the bread. Like everything I make, it was awesome.
  Finally, here is a picture of a cherry coke I drank a few weeks ago. I guess it's not the most exciting way to end this blog. But if you look in the back, you can see a little container of chocolate chips I brought in to snack on.


Kristin said...

I knew about almost all of these food endeavors. Well, half. But that still is a lot. So I win. If it were a contest. Which it is.

Autumn Del Rio said...

LOL I wish I could eat what you eat and not gain weight. I am feeling guilty for eating green chile turkey enchiladas last night. and two cinnamon rolls this morning (except those were tiny. almost like eating 1 regular cinnamon roll.)