For the Superbowl I opened up my wallet and prepared some super nacho dip.

The first ingredient, as in most of my experimental cooking, was a pack of bacon. I weaved it, placed it in a metal bowl, and baked it for a while. Being a man, I didn't time it. I just stuck it in the oven and eyed it every five minutes.

While the bacon was baking, I diced up another pack of bacon and cooked it up.

Once the bacon weave was done baking, I took it out and placed it in a clean bowl. (I drained all the grease out first.) The idea was that the bacon strips at the bottom were an edible prize, like the prize at the bottom of a cereal box. Just imagine, strips of bacon covered in all the runoff goo. Yummy.)

While the first pound of bacon was baking, and the second was cooking, I started heating up two cans of chili and two cans of cheese. (Yes, cans of cheese. I think you're supposed to use it for Broccoli Cheese soup or something, but I've never used it for anything except nachos and my regular glass of melted cheese in the morning.) Once it was warmed up and sufficiently gooey, I dumped it onto the bacon base.

Next, I added a giant container of sour cream.

I then added some decorative jalapenos and diced onions to the top.

Finally, like all good meals, I added the cooked pile of diced bacon to the center.

I lucked out with the bowl. It was the perfect size. The first few bites were nothing but chips covered in sour cream, but once we were able to dig down a couple of layers and everything started blending together, it was pretty darn good.

If you're curious, the bacon was 1740 calories, the chili was 1080 calories, and the cheese was 500 calories, for a grand total of 3320 calories. I ate about half of it and guests ate the other half. I intended to add some guacamole to it, but I forgot to buy it and I'm way too lazy to make my own guac.

There are some leftovers upstairs in my fridge, so tomorrow for breakfast I'm going to add some fried eggs and syrup on top of it.


Aimee said...

Things I loved about this post:

1. Bacon weave.

2. "...my regular glass of melted cheese in the morning."

3. The caloric breakdown.

4. The fact that you said, "leftovers upstairs in my fridge", thereby reminding us that these are, in fact, your thoughts from the basement.

Autumn Del Rio said...

That post makes me want to do 4 sessions of Zumba just for looking at your bacon weave.

Carl Cutler said...

Oh my, this recipe is ...it's insane! And it was very good.