Recently I've been reading a lot of year end blogs describing the amazing adventures and events that shaped your lives in 2010. I wanted to do something similar, but:

a.) I'm too lazy to write a year in review
b.) Nobody cares
c.) I can't remember
d.) It wasn't that eventful
e.) All of the above
The correct answer is "e."

So instead, I leave you with these pictures of interesting things I did at work this year while my computer was busy, or I was bored.

 After my co-worker went home, I decorated her desk with a bunch of stuff I found in a plastic bin. This included a few dozen army men, matchbox cars, and ramps. I think the story behind this was that a Nascar race was interrupted by a race war of different colored army men. The pile up of cars at the end was tragic. Many good drivers were lost.
This is a spreadsheet I worked on that describes how to maximize Oreo cream while minimizing Oreo cookie intake. I was inspired by the idea that you could combine two oreos to make a double-stuff, two double-stuffs to make an quadruple-stuff, and so on. The conclusion I came to was that in a box containing 45 Oreo cookies, you could make a single 32-stuff, one octo-stuff, one quadruple stuff, one single stuff, and have 88 outsides left over. I don't remember double checking the math, nor do I care to do so, but feel free to. I also don't remember trying to make such an epic cookie. I strongly encourage you to do so.

We had an internet outage one day, and with a job that depends on the internet, it was very boring. We found a stack of phone books in the hallway to entertain us. What you see here is one of them that I ripped in half with my bare hands.

Where did the time go, people? Hopefully I'm more productive this year.


Aimee said...

Let's make plans for 2011 to create a 32-stuff together.

Elisa said...

I don't much care for the "stuf" in oreos. I only like the outsides. We should join forces.

Laura said...

Hahahaha, good times, good times. =)